10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash

10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash! What if you will get instant citizenship in a country of your choice? Sounds interesting!  Firstly let’s find how to do this and what is the procedure to do so, the Island of St Kitts and Nevis introduced the “oldest” economic citizenship program in 1984. Commonwealth of […]

Video games

When thinking about our childhood, we definitely reminisce our old childhood video games. Those were the golden days of our lives. Evolution of these video games has brought an end to the fantasy adventure world that started from the Television connected video games to the video games for PC or consoles that are Playstation 4 […]

Sonos Beam

A wireless sound system at home which can easily be connected over WiFi. Sonos Beam speakers can be installed to create a home sound system that brings every room with the music together. What does Sonos Beam do? You can listen to music, TV, podcasts, radio, movies and video games. You can also experience a […]

Robo-Advisors – the challenges involved in compliance

What is Robo- advisor? Robo-advisors as the name says are the financial advisors that provide financial advicewith a very little human intervention online. They provide digital investment management advice based on mathematical rules. These algorithms or the mathematical rules are executed by the software and there is no requirement of human advisor. The software utilises […]

Why Set Up A Company In A Tax Haven?

Why Set Up A Company In A Tax Haven? A tax haven is a country that offers foreign people and companies next to zero tax liability in a politically, monetarily and economically static environment. Tax havens additionally share no monetary data with foreign tax assessment authorities. Tax havens don’t require residency or business presence for […]

Setting up a company in Ireland – Why are Irish companies so attractive?

Setting up a Company in Irish Companies so Attractive Ireland is known as a tax safe haven on account of the nation’s tax collection and monetary policies. Legislation vigorously supports the foundation and operation of corporations and economic environment is truly friendly for all corporations, particularly those invested in research, innovation and development. What do […]

Jim Corbett

Life Is Short, but The World is so wide to travel. What makes travelling so important in Life? It is same as inhaling Oxygen! Take a look at some of the best safari’s in 2017 in India. Corbett is one of the top choices in India and visitors are allowed in from mid-November to mid-June, […]

Why is Switzerland so attractive for entrepreneurs?

Swiss corporate Taxes There is freedom of unlimited liability to legal entities who are either a registered office or an actual administration in Switzerland. Switzerland supports the limited tax liability which applies to foreign corporations with a permanent establishment or with real estate. According to the report of the International comparison, Switzerland is a very […]

Setting Company in Cyprus- The advantages of residing or setting up a company in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is one of the best places for living and doing business, it is a country which opts the residency based system of taxation, but if you think you can able to do business in Cyprus coming eventually in the country while living in another country […]

Revive Dry Skin and Cracked Lips Overnight with a Humidifier

Thinking of winters? My skin becomes dry and lips become cracked. In spite of using cold creams, moisturising oils into my skincare routine, I always feel my skin does not retain moisture. I usually use to wake up with a dry face. The air in winters makes you feel drier and uncomfortable. You can also […]