How to test an Android App?

When a web page or an application is built for a mobile device, most importantly you have to have the testing done. Testing gives you an idea of what your readers or visitors going to experience when they come and visit your site. There are plenty of ways in which you can test an Android […]

Residency in Bulgaria- A guide to starting a business and residing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers you to become a fiscal resident by only paying 10% in taxes, it does not matter whether you are an EU-citizen or not. Becoming a resident of Bulgaria you can also enjoy the interesting Bulgarian freelancer regime.  It has the list of easiest options for setting your company in the European Union for […]

Residency and Company Registration in Romania

Romania is a country which has attractive programmes and services for residents as well as for entrepreneurs. In 2017 however, Romanian tax regulation introduced tax-related changes in the country.  In the European Union, different global projects help in closing certain channels that companies use when they want to optimize their taxes, such as BEPS which […]

Reside Malta: When is it a good idea to reside or start a business in Malta?

Malta is a quiet archipelago in the middle Mediterranean within Sicily and the North African Coast. The Mediterranean sea consists of the sunny holiday islands which are Malta, Gozo, Comino and the Uninhabited Islands Filfla, Cominotto and St. Paul’s Island.  It is a best known in the world for historic sites related to a succession […]

Optimize Taxes In The European Union – Where to live as a digital nomad in the European Union

The advantages and disadvantages of the European Union As much as the lack of democracy and overregulation in the European Union may pester us, we should remember the favourable circumstances it has.  These emerge particularly concerning its fundamental opportunities, similar to the opportunity of trade, development and establishment.  These opportunities structure the establishments of how individuals can maintain […]

How to maintain your health?

Thinking of maintaining your health? Beginning another activity routine can be testing. Be that as it may, having genuine destinations can enable you to keep up a work out regime in the long haul. The objective is to begin gradually, develop your wellness level and let your body rest occasionally to counteract wounds. Monitoring your […]

Invoice Acceptance Offshore Companies

Recognition of Offshore Invoices The acceptance of invoices issued from offshore jurisdictions is a problem in different countries. Many of the tax authorities do not get much affected on the matter of which country the invoice is issued if the details provided are valid. In this case, the inspection or a tax audit takes place, […]

How is technology changing the nature of a business?

‘Technology’  literally affects every aspect of our lives. We should thank the internet which helps to access everything online. As it has affected our personal life it has changed the business world with a revolution.  By technology, we mean the advances in the field of communication and information technology. You can see the changing face […]

How to transfer your tax residence and legally avoid taxes with 183 days

What if you will not have to pay tax? It will not only allow you to spend some time and money on you, but you can also save your money in your account with less bureaucracy. Your earned money will not disappear within just a few minutes from your account on the name of income […]