A strategic initiative of the government of Dubai, DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) was established in 2002 with a mandatory requirement to provide the market, physical and financial infrastructure which is required to be established as a hub for global commodities trade. It had over 11,700 registered members in March 2016, which included both commodities and other different businesses.

Free Zone member companies and industry participants enjoy physical facilities like vaults of gold and diamond, trading platforms like the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, the Dubai Pearl Exchange, Dubai Diamond Exchange, DMCC Tradeflow, the DMCC Tea Centre and a range of different commodities backed by financial investment tools. The industry participants can even access market infrastructure.

There are commodity sectors ranging from different businesses like shipping, trading, recruitment, IT, advertising, restaurants, nurseries, retail stores, gyms, luxury brands and universities. Other strong businesses of more than 85,000  in the residential community-based in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

A free trade zone for precious metals like gold, pearls and coloured stones, petroleum products, steel and base metals, cotton, tea and other commodities. Islamic asset management services which include fund management, trade of diamonds, natural pearls, options on commodities derivatives covering the precious metals, USD denominated standardised futures contracts, energy and currencies. It also provides business consultancy services of the management.

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Centre) is located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers and is designed for trade and commerce. It has everything to set up, grow, bring and build your business. It has been crowned as ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ three times by the magazine Financial Times. It is home to an innovative infrastructure, vibrant community, world-class services and a stunning choice of properties. These are all minutes away from excellent air, road links and sea to the world.

DMCC is the global centre for more than 13,000 type of businesses ranging from industries and sectors. As a diverse type of business from agro, financial services and energy to diamonds, gold and metals.

One can enjoy amazing amenities in DMCC like 0% corporate and personal tax for 50 years and 100% foreign ownership.  For a foreign investment to be as simple and set up the process to be very easy, the assistance with a sponsorship of employees is also provided. Many other UAE government-related services which can incorporate a range of affordable properties.

The objectives of DMCC is to create a dedicated marketplace in Dubai and UAE. It is also aimed to increase the value and quantity of commodities traded and through the whole region. To facilitate and integrate the entire value chain segments. The main objective is to broaden the local market horizon that is refining, manufacturing and trading. Industry-specific market infrastructure is also created for its core segments and to innovate the new products and services. It provides a supportive business environment for the purpose of infrastructure already built. To promote regional industry growth and enhance the local industry. For the objectives to be enhanced implementation of international standards is initiated.

There are three types of licenses which can be taken to start a business which is trading, service and industrial license.

There are many serviced business centres in DMCC like Austria Business Centre, BB1 Business Centre, Diamond Business Centre, DMCC Business Centre, German Arabian Business Centre, HDS Serviced Offices, The One Business Centre, Mayfair Business Centre, Open Business Centre, Park Avenue Offices, Servcorp, Serviced Offices and Star Business Centre.

 DMCC home comprises of wide range of corporates from multinational to start-ups. Every month 170 companies join DMCC, 95% of the corporates are new to Dubai.

Whatever the size and status may be, every member of the company is united to benefit from access to world-class business services, connections and infrastructure which is unparalleled.

 90,000 people live and work here in DMCC which is attracted by a high-quality lifestyle. A unique combination of Free trade Zone and status, state of the art commercial, residential property, top-tier commodities and financial services. These all combined puts DMCC in a class of its own unique value. Ongoing and daily investment in the most innovative infrastructure and interconnected environment, leads to the business services making it easy to trade from here efficiently, effortlessly from anywhere in the world.