10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash! What if you will get instant citizenship in a country of your choice?

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Firstly let’s find how to do this and what is the procedure to do so, the Island of St Kitts and Nevis introduced the “oldest” economic citizenship program in 1984. Commonwealth of Dominica followed St Kitts by introducing citizenship by investment scheme in the 1990s. This program came into existence in 2009, when an agreement between St Kitts and Nevis was signed with the European Union, after this, the new citizenship industry came into existence. 

Moreover, to get citizenship passports around 1% of the rich population is spending around $1 billion each year. According to a report, St Kitts and Nevis cover around 25%GDP rates each year. The same is in Dominica, the value of this citizenship program can be understood by a fact that the funds from the citizenship program helped the government of Dominica to recover from the tropical storm which wiped out 90% of Dominica. Cyprus has invested the money in the real estate market which was growing slowly from the amount received with the citizenship program. The Cyprus government has used the money received from the citizenship program in the banking crises of 2013 during which many Cypriot banks suffered losses. 10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash!

In today’s condition, there are three more new instant citizenship programs running in Antigua &Barbuda, St Lucia, Grenada, accompanied by Cyprus and Malta in Europe

Let’s discuss some of the countries where you can get in 10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash! within a few months with paying a lump sum amount to the government, but the tax status of some countries is based on residency, not citizenship. You will get permanent citizenship by investing a one time amount in it. 10 countries that sell instant citizenship for cash!


In Montenegro, the citizenship by investment program was launched in January 2019, to become a citizen of Montenegro you have to spend at least €250,000 in a single investment along with €100,000 contribution to the government investment model. 

The country is a candidate country for EU membership in 2025. By becoming a citizen of this country you will get a chance to travel in 123 countries including EU Schengen states, Russia, Turkey, etc.. 

The best part of living in this country is you do have to become a resident there and you are not obliged to give any kind of interview or any language test. There is a very limited citizenship program for only 2000 investors. 

The second citizenship country with this country is the southeastern European country. 

To your happiness, permanent residence is issued within the time span of three weeks. Dual citizenship is also allowed there. 


To become a citizen of Moldova the individuals have to invest $100,000 as a one-time donation to their government along with with it $250,000 property investment in Moldova real estate market. 

It is a newly launched CBI program in 2018 and till this time it is the cheapest second citizenship program. The passport is valid is 10 years in Moldova. 

The Moldova government does not demand any residency requirements and it also not take any language test into consideration with this it also facilitates lifetime citizenship for your family and children with a one-time investment amount. You will not have to give an interview or you will not have to show your business experience in any business field. The application process regarding citizenship is confidential. The passport of Moldova offers visas for free travel to EU/UK/Russia etc. 


To qualify the instant citizenship in Dominica you must need to invest $100,000  as a one-time donation to St Kitts Government fund along with 200,000 property investment in Dominica real estate market. 

It has the cheapest citizenship program, you do not require residency to live in Dominica before or after getting the Citizenship.  The passport of Dominica is valid for up to 10 years. Dominica grants immediate citizenship to families and citizens. Like Montenegro and Moldova it also not allows any interviews, language tests and does not demand any business experience. It does not allow taxes like wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains tax. Just like Dominica it also offers a confidential application process. The passport of Dominica allows you to travel free to EU/UK/Switzerland etc.

St Kitts and Nevis 

St Kitts and Nevis governments want to invest your $150,000 as a contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund along with 200,000 Real Estate investments.

The country has the oldest and most popular citizenship program in which no residence requirements are necessary. The process does not involve any interview or language test and it does not demand any business experience. 

It grants citizenship to the family members of the individuals including spouses and children. The best part of this country is you do not have to visit the country for the citizenship process. The citizenship application process is confidential and it allows you lifetime citizenship with only one-time investment. The passport offered by St Kitts allows you to travel visa-free in the countries like EU Schengen, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, etc.


To qualify investments for instant citizenship in Grenada you need to spend $150,000 as a one-time investment to the Grenada Government fund along with $350,000 purchase of real estate property in Grenada. 

Grenada allows you lifetime citizenship to your family and future generations with only one-time investment.

You can apply for an E2 US visa as a Grenada citizen. The application process for citizenship is always confidential and it does not exchange information with other governments. The approval process of citizenship is 60 days and you do not have to give any interview or language test for getting qualified along with this you do not have to show any records of military service or business experience. 

Hence, you can easily travel to China without a visa by holding the Grenada passport. It is valid for 5 years. You are not liable to pay any of the income, wealth or inheritance tax. 

Saint Lucia

For qualifying the investment for instant citizenship in St Lucia you need to pay USD100,000 as a payment to the Lucia Government fund. And with this, you have to purchase property worth USD300,000 in the St Lucia Real Estate market. You will also need to pay USD500,000 for the government bonds along with the investment of USD 3,500,000 in business capital in St Lucia. 

While, Saint Lucia offers the newest citizenship by investment program launched in 2015. The best of St Lucia citizenship is it allows you visa-free travel over 120 countries including the UK, EU Schengen states. The citizenship process is fast and completes in only 2 months. Seems like you do not have to visit or live in the country while the process is going on. The approval time is also very minimum which is 60 days only. The application process is confidential, and you do not have to pay any kind of tax like income, wealth or inheritance tax to the St Lucia government.

Antigua and Barbuda 

The qualifying investment for instant citizenship in  Antigua and Barbuda is USD 100,000 which is a one-time payment to Antigua NDF Government fund with this you have to invest USD 400,000 in real estate and USD 1,500,000 capital investment in the business. 

Now, it requires 5 days of residency requirement within five years but you do not have to visit Antigua for getting citizenship. The passport is valid for 5 years which will renew for ten years after getting citizenship. Families with children under 26 years can apply for citizenship. 

You will get visa-free travel to the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, EU Schengen over 130 countries. 

No interviews, business experience or language test is required in order to obtain citizenship. The best part is you can maintain dual citizenship with other nations also by being a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. Just like the above states, it does not allow you to pay the wealth, inheritance, foreign income, personal income taxes. 


For qualifying the investment for Maltese individual investor citizenship program you need to make a one-time payment of €650,000 to the Malta Government Fund and have to buy shares and bonds of €150,000 with this you also have to buy a home or property in Malta for €350,000 you also have the option to rent a home for €10,000  a year.

So, the Malta individual investor program MIIP and European citizenship by investment program allow the citizenship to you in Malta. To get this citizenship you do not have to give any kind of tests like military service language tests or citizenship tests. The Maltese government offers you the Maltese passport after 12-15 months of proving the genuine link to Malta and satisfying the residency requirement. 

With the awarding of the facility of visa-free travel to over 160 countries including Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

You also get the facility as the citizen of Malta to live, work, study, settle in any EU member states. You do not have to live in Malta to meet any of the requirements for becoming a citizen. 


To qualify citizenship in Cyprus one need to invest €2,000,000 in real estate, €2,000,000 in government bonds and €2,000,000 business investment in companies or €2,000,000 bank deposit. 

Also, you will get the citizenship of Cyprus by the European citizenship by investment program. In order to get citizenship, you will not have to fulfill any of the requirements like physical residency requirements, military service, or the Cypriot language test.

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship of individuals and you will get the opportunity of visa-free travel to the UK, EU member states, Canada, etc. You also get the opportunity to live, work, study in 35 EU member states. 

As you get citizenship your future generations will automatically acquire the EU citizenship. 

The application process for acquiring citizenship is quite easy but the rate of approval is high in comparison to others. The scheme to get citizenship in Cyprus is open for all country nationals.


You will get the citizenship in Vanuatu under the Vanuatu citizenship by Investment program by contributing a one-time investment of  USD 160,000 for a single person or USD 180,000 for family citizenship. The time limit for getting this citizenship is 2 months and after that, you are cannot pay any type of tax like income tax, capital gains or estate tax. The Vanuatu passport offers you Visa-free access to 126 countries including EU Schengen states, UK, Russia. You also get the freedom of opting for dual citizenship in Vanuatu. In regards to the application process, it needs extra cost for a family citizenship application. 


Turkey opened new citizenship by investment program in 2018 in which USD 250,000 one time payment or USD 500,000 in Government bonds or bank deposits or in Turkish companies is required. You will get citizenship within six months and you can also apply for dual citizenship along with this you will get visa-free travel to 110 countries, the rank of turkey passport ranks #49. Lastly, to get the citizenship of turkey you have to visit personally for meeting up the requirements.