When thinking about our childhood, we definitely reminisce our old childhood video games. Those were the golden days of our lives. Evolution of these video games has brought an end to the fantasy adventure world that started from the Television connected video games to the video games for PC or consoles that are Playstation 4 or Xbox one. Nowadays, the most trending entertainment game is the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood amongst the so called ‘gamers’. When it was launched for the first time, some issues popped up, even before its proper sales and reception in the market. In order to fix the problem, the team responsible for the game at that point had to be remodelled with the leader of a new director, who proposed a risky though extreme idea. The story connects to Realm Reborn in a way.

These days FFXIV has an expansion named Heavensward ‘3.x’ that is already out in the market and quite popular as well. Soon it will be replaced by a new expansion named Stormblood ‘4.x’. the newest expansion will evolve and the battle system will receive required changes in how it works. Just wait for the release of the new expansion before dedicating time to the soon to become an old game, as it might get confusing to relearn and waste more of time.

The benefits of FFXIV are that one can train multiple team classes and also jobs on a single character, making no need to make alternatives unless you want to. The story of FFXIV is fantastic as well as thrilling and also easy to understand and follow. But at the same time indulging and connecting enough to create interest as to want to see what comes next. Though so many pros for the game there is just one con that there are not available dungeons upon reaching the level of that dungeon. Instead, it is must to unlock a majority of content through the main story questline. It is there so that you’ll always have a reason for where you go. But that does not save the fact that some of the main stories are too long.

While creating a whole new story and game with a reshaped landscape and new designs of the characters it underwent a change for a new platform and a new part, to begin with. Basically, there is a two-week free trial period version available for PC users interested in the game and if you want a whole month of game time free, get A Realm Reborn. It also comes with benchmark feature that will let you know If your PC/ Computer can handle the game or not.

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Modern technology and entertainment can bring to you a fascinating experience worth a lifetime. Relive your old golden days and cherish the memories forever.

So, come and be willing to give it a try, you are welcomed with open arms to this fantasy world. May lords always gives you a walk in the light of the crystal. Amen!