How To Create Brand Identity?

Brand identity is totally different from brand image and it’s the visible elements of a brand, such as colour, design and logo which changes the perception of the people’s mind. The basic intent of branding is through: – Name selection Logo design Uses colours, and other elements for promotion and products Use proper language for

Revive Dry Skin and Cracked Lips Overnight with a Humidifier

Thinking of winters? Do you want to revive dry skin and cracked lips overnight with a humidifier?  My skin becomes dry and lips become cracked. In spite of using cold creams, moisturising oils into my skincare routine, I always feel my skin does not retain moisture. I usually use to wake up with a dry face. The air in winters makes you feel drier and uncomfortable. You can also face health-related illness symptoms such as:

Sonos Beam

A wireless sound system at home which can easily be connected over WiFi. Sonos Beam speakers can be installed to create a home sound system that brings every room with the music together.

What does Sonos Beam do?

You can listen to music, TV, podcasts, radio, movies and video games. You can also experience a detailed sound that fills the whole room. You can ask Alexa to play music and listen to hundreds of streaming songs and movie services with the Sonos app.

How to test an Android App?

When a web page or an application is built for a mobile device, most importantly you have to have the testing done. Testing gives you an idea of what your readers or visitors going to experience when they come and visit your site. How to test an Android App?

Best ways to choose fashion accessory 

It’s a fashion rule that implies accessories can make the outfit fashionable or destroy the fashion. A significant part of an outfit is a good accessory to carry that can look flawless. Here are the tips that will help you to simplify the best ways to choose fashion accessory. 

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