Revive Dry Skin and Cracked Lips Overnight with a Humidifier


Thinking of winters? Do you want to revive dry skin and cracked lips overnight with a humidifier?  My skin becomes dry and lips become cracked. In spite of using cold creams, moisturising oils into my skincare routine, I always feel my skin does not retain moisture. I usually use to wake up with a dry face. The air in winters makes you feel drier and uncomfortable. You can also face health-related illness symptoms such as:

  • A sore throat
  • Sinus passages
  • Cracked lips
  • Dry skin
  • Bloody nose
  • Respiratory conditions



Do you want to revive your dry skin and cracked lips just overnight with a Humidifier?

 I got to know about how humidifiers work and how will it help me get my glowing skin back even in winters. There is a long list of humidifiers for large rooms. You have to understand which one is the best for you. 

How does humidifier work?

Humidifiers add moisture to the air. This adds moisture to the skin and prevents skin barrier breakdown. It also helps your skin to retain moisture. 

It is an invaluable solution for helping you relieve the harsh effects of winters, cold and cough symptoms and even certain respiratory illnesses. It helps to improve your overall comfort. The humidifier works by adding moisture and dehumidifier reduces the moisture in the humid air. Using a humidifier daily helps you to create a healthier space during the winters. When you are shopping for humidifier you need to understand how they work. You also have to know how to choose from the types and how is its operation and maintenance in long run. Before purchasing get to know what to expect in terms of its usage, warranty and run life.

How to Choose the Right Type of Humidifier for a large Room?

There is a list of humidifiers for large rooms to choose from. A centralised humidifier can put your house at a risk, it’s best to use it for the single-room purpose.

There are different types of humidifiers like:

1. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

2. Evaporative Humidifiers

3. Whole House Furnace Humidifiers

Before purchasing a humidifier you need to get an approximate measurement of your room.

Can a humidifier cure dry skin and cracked lips?

The dry skin and cracked lips may not be the result of cold winter weather but it could also be the warm dry air in your house.

  • Humidifiers add moisture to the room by pumping vapour into the air.
  • Some humidifiers infuse moisture into the air by heating water and some humidifiers come with air filters that collect dust and germs.
  • Humidifiers help to reduce skin dryness and respiratory problems. 
  • There are two types of humidifiers warm mist and cold mist humidifiers.
  • Using a humidifier when needed with correct moisture setting is always better.
  • A humidifier can cure your dry and cracked skin if you have kept adding moisture to your room. 
  • If you are waking up with dry skin and stuffy sinuses then you really need to try a humidifier.
  • Humidifiers help to make your breathing easier.

For reviving dry skin and cracked lips a humidifier can work best in winters.

How to keep your skin hydrated and healthy with humidifiers?

If the season has left your skin look dry and raw then you can restore it by using humidifiers overnight. A good quality humidifier will work wonders when it comes to hydrating the skin. You can turn on the humidifiers in the night and get the surprising results overnight. To enjoy the benefits of using humidifier it is important to do the regular cleaning to eliminate the germs and bacteria. You need to remember to change the water in the water tank daily. Please always never leave stagnant water in the humidifier tank.

To revive your skin from dryness humidifiers won’t be enough, you have to follow a good skin maintenance routine. You can even follow simple tips like taking lukewarm showers with fragrance-free soaps as taking hot showers to dehydrate the skin. It also strips away our body’s natural oils. After you shower you must apply a high-quality moisturiser which is chemical free. This is the best measure to revive your dry and cracked skin for people with dry, sensitive skin. This really helps to lock in the moisture the skin.

Sonos Beam

A wireless sound system at home which can easily be connected over WiFi. Sonos Beam speakers can be installed to create a home sound system that brings every room with the music together.

What does Sonos Beam do?

You can listen to music, TV, podcasts, radio, movies and video games. You can also experience a detailed sound that fills the whole room. You can ask Alexa to play music and listen to hundreds of streaming songs and movie services with the Sonos app. You can add the Alexa enabled video streaming device like Fire TV for remote-free control. It is simple to set up. What you have to do is just plug the Sonos Beam into power and connect it to your TV via HDMI. If your TV doesn’t have HDMI option then you can connect your Beam by using the including Optical Audio Adapter. There you will also search, start and manage shows and movies just by asking it to play. There are software updates which improve your listening experience. It is quick and easy to set up. The best way to is to download the Sonos app, then connect Beam to power and your TV and then you can follow the app instructions. It also lets you connect Sonos speakers wirelessly and with this, you can create a home theatre system with a pair of rear speakers and a sub. You can also play sound from your Apple devices to Sonos with AirPlay. It is just as easy as by asking Siri to play music. The best part about Sonos Beam is that it is thoughtfully designed for your home.  It is one of the best performance-per-pound products. The Beam is a sound bar system which is impressively open and spacious. It has three dimensional sound which surprising has bass weight and depth. It is simple, compact and stylish at the same time. Usually, Sonos musicians video streaming can be easily managed in multi-room capabilities. 



Just keep it on your TV stand or wall mount. Place it on a furniture or purchase the custom designed wall mount to securely hang it on the wall. For small and medium-sized rooms the Beam’s compact and versatile design makes it great for rooms. Now, bring this unique device at your home and enjoy its beautiful features.  Use it with your own comfort and follow the latest trends in technology.

How to test an Android App?


When a web page or an application is built for a mobile device, most importantly you have to have the testing done. Testing gives you an idea of what your readers or visitors going to experience when they come and visit your site. How to test an Android App?

There are plenty of ways in which you can test an Android application. 


 It is a free and super-fast Android Emulator and is faster than ADT.

Graphical XML layout editor

 It is a simple way to do testing for the different layouts.


It is one of the first utilised automated testing tools for software support. It is a free Android UI testing tool and is suitable for tests automation. It is also known as Selenium for Android. The test created by this testing tool is written in Java and it is a library for unit tests. The main drawback here is it takes much time and effort and it is unsuitable for interactions with system software. It can also not lock and unlock smartphones and tablets and cannot provide a screenshot.



Monkey Runner

It is the most popular tool used for functional testing. It is low in level with Robotium. The tests are written in Python and a recording tool is also there. It is done on real devices and it has an API which controls and is connected to PCs or emulators. 

The main disadvantage of the mobile app testing tool is that it is necessary to write scripts for each device and the test require adjustments when the user interface of the tested program is changed.

Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager

It is available to install as ADT (Android Development Tools). You can view a graphical representation of the layout design and it is certain that the final layout will be identical to the graphical view.

 There can be possible device types and configurations, including RAM, screen size, screen resolution and the Android version after using the AVD manager. The app can be run on these devices but is slower than a physical Android device. For more information visit:

Buy used devices

A two-year-old flagship can be bought for less than a third of the initial retail price, and mid-range and low-end devices can be purchased at rock bottom prices which is at a much cheaper rate.

There are many websites on which you can test the mobile apps.

Firebase Test Lab

It is free up to some features. For more information visit:


It is a virtual device for games testing. For more information visit:


It has a free/demo version. For more information visit-

Best ways to choose fashion accessory 

It’s a fashion rule that implies accessories can make the outfit fashionable or destroy the fashion. A significant part of an outfit is a good accessory to carry that can look flawless. Here are the tips that will help you to simplify the best ways to choose fashion accessory. 

You should keep in mind these points when you’re finishing your dress with fashion touches to your next outfit.




There are many advises helping you determine and pick out accessories that are right for you.

  • For glamorous look
    You can opt for chandelier long earrings, statement necklaces, cocktail rings or stone encrusted accessories.
  • For classic look
    You can include long or small pearl or diamond jewellery. These accessories bring a classic look to the understated dresses and tops.


  • Delicate jewellery
     A delicate jewellery adds a subtle shine to any outfit. Simple and delicate rings, necklaces and earrings can make you look like a princess. Any plain and elegant outfit will be enhanced if you add delicateness of your jewellery.


  • Candy-coloured jewellery
    You can carry accessories by wearing pieces like resin bracelets or colourful watches which will go well with plain tops and dresses. They add colourfully and playfulness to the outfit.


  • Wear gold or silver jewellery
    You should never use both together. The best way to be occasion friendly is to use hair accessories either silver or gold as these are the accessories that people notice first. For festive occasions always add a piece of jewellery to add an extra shine.


  • Chunky jewellery
    Chunky jewellery is used to make a bold impact as it adds colour, texture and shine to your dressing look. Statement long earrings go the best with a dress with a high neckline. If the dress has embroidery or any interesting pattern then also chunky jewellery can be worn.



Everyone can wear a nice and a beautiful dress, but the fashion look is incomplete without the right accessories. Accessories can turn any dressing from drab to fab. To look best you have to know the best ways to choose fashion accessory.

Diversity of top 5 wildlife places in India


 No wonder, India is among the mega-diverse countries which have about 60-70% of biodiversity on the Earth. The Western Ghats and Himalayan regions are the wildlife places of our rich heritage. There are more than 100 national parks and 500 wildlife sanctuaries. There is a whole diversity of top 5 wildlife places in India.

India has a large species of fauna and flora. India is the ultimate and the most exciting destination to visit.

If this has excited you and you are thinking to spend some time amidst the wild then you are at the right place. Mentioned below are India’s top 5 wildlife safari holidays.




1. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

It is stretched across 1,334 square kilometres and is home to the royal predators. Tigers are the main attraction of the national park. While enjoying a safari in Ranthambore, it fetches interest for wildlife photographers. Best time to visit the park is from October-June and March-May.

2. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett began in 1936, it was announced as Asia’s first National Park. In 1974 it was established as the first Tiger Reserve. People from all over the world visit Corbett just to get a glimpse of these dangerous cats. The park is the main habitat of wild cats, Himalayan tiger and other fascinating wild species of birds and animals. Best time to visit the park is from mid-November to June end and the best time for tiger sighting is from March to May.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Do you wish to get the view of the Royal Bengal Tigers? If yes, then come and bask in the wild natural the Bandhavgarh National Park.  Bandhavgarh offers the best places for wildlife safari packages in India. Bandhavgarh is now a protected area where different wild beings can live and prosper. Best time to visit the park is between mid-October and June.





4. Kahn National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha in Madhya Pradesh is the place that inspired Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the best ever classic – the Jungle Book. It would be better to say that the wonderful wildlife of Kanha is among the perfect places that have a vivid diversity of flora and fauna. Best time to visit is from mid-October to June and also the peak time is March to May, so as to get to see the royal cats.

5. Gir National Park, Gujarat

Gir National Park is among the most sparkling gems of Gujarat’s treasure. The Asiatic Lions is the attraction here. Only this national park is home to the populace of the Asiatic Lions and also these big cats contribute to India’s wildlife tourism. With the Lions, the park inhabits 32 species of mammals, 300 species of birds and 26 species of reptiles. Gir has rich biodiversity and is that’s why responsible for increasing number of visitors to the park. Best time to visit is from October to May end and is regarded as the best season to visit the park.